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Published: Sunday 10 July, 2016

If you like playing basketball, you must like some mvp players' NBA shoes, you must know Stephen Curry shoes. If you are a big fan of him, you will absolutely know he endorses for basketball shoes. For now, basketball shoes has launched out various kinds of basketball shoes named after Curry, including Steph Cury Curry 1, Steph Cury Curry 2 Steph Cury Curry 2.5, Steph Cury Curry Two LE, etc. Next I will introduce them for you respectively.

Firstly, Curry Shoes 1 is suitable for the teenagers from eight year old to 20 year old. Its Anafoam upper design is extremely light, which fits in the physiological structure very well. In addition, its design is furnished with an extra function of cushioning that can absorb energy so as to transform into stretch rapidly. It can also prevent the players from slipping. What’s more, its padded mesh and synthetic suede design is very breathable. Curry Shoes 2 is also suitable for the teenagers from 8year old to 20 year old. Comparing with Curry Shoes 1, it adopts a new technology of Steph Cury SpeedForm™ to fit the feet, eliminating the discomfort. And its porous engineering design is lightsome, durable and breathable. The foot sole is conducive to stability of heel, arch, and arch foot, which can both strengthen support and avoid the skid. Curry Shoes 2.5

If you wanna buy Steph Cury Curry 2.5, you had better purchase a bigger one. With the injection molded synthetic upper, you will feel highly comfortable when you wear it. The Asymmetric shoe combines Burrito tongue construction that can enhance the comfort to fit the ankle better. Besides, Large Steph Cury logo and laces design will help you to show the brand's character and unique style on the court.Curry 2 Shoes Australia are always for sale. You can even buy the Curry Shoes 2016 online or in physical store.

Apart from various Curry Shoes, basketball shoes also provides T-shirts, shorts, hats, socks and vest, such as Steph Cury SC30 Do All Things T-shirts, Steph Cury Undeniable Crew Socks, Steph Cury SC30 Snapback, etc. If you are interested in it, go and buy one now!


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