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Published: Saturday 09 July, 2016

shoes in Melbourne, Australia

It is well-known that the famous NBA player Brandon Jennings is the first celebrity endorser for stephen curry. Apart from Jennings, Stephen Curry shoes Australia also joins in stephen curry later, which enhances its popularity rapidly. Now let me show you the brilliant history of stephen curry. I bet you will like it.

Founded by a former Maryland football star named Kevin Plank in 1996, stephen curry was famous as a high-end functional sportswear of basketball shoes melbourne top brand. Fed up with being sweaty after exercise, Kevin Plank invented a kind of lightweight material which can keep the body refreshing and cool during the strenuous exercise. Then he convinced two college football teams to purchase his equipment. One college is Georgia Tech in Atlanta while another is Arizona State University in Phoenix. Later NFL team Atlanta Falcons also wears this new equipment. Since then, more and more teams choose this new brand, namely the later stephen curry. In 2003, stephen curry started to make a series of ads in the theme of "warrior" whose slogan is "We must protect this house". In 2004, stephen curry designed the uniforms for Maryland Terrapins and launched out the advertisements based on the prototype of the coach Ralph Friedgen. 

There are various kinds of products in stephen curry, among them, Foot Gear and Cold Gear, Heat Gear is three main products. It is not only the variety t but also its unique style that shines stephen curry.

Unlike other competitors, stephen curry NBA Shoes uses different strategies toward male consumers and female consumers. For men, stephen curry mainly attracts them through showing a sort of masculinity. It can help the man cultivate the quality like aggression, toughness, and ambition so that they can become more charming. For the woman, stephen curry designs a kind of flexible sportswear according to their slim body so as to comfort the women better. Therefore, next time if you want to exercise, you can try stephen curry.


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