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Published: Sunday 18 December, 2016

On the basketball court, Golden State
Warriors superstar Stephen Curry's playing style has been described as
"flashy." But his new shoes released Thursday aren't
getting the same reviews. The "bland" or "vanilla" style of
Under Armour's Curry Two Low shoes (with the "Chef" colorway)
have become a growing topic on social media, as
sneakerheads have blasted them to the point that the poor fashion reception may
do more for sales than no reception at all. 

Saying Twitter has had a field day with Under
Armour's latest Stephen Curry sneaker drop would be an
understatement. The red-hot athletic brand recently released the
"Chef Curry" version of the Curry 2 Low shoes, which quickly set the
Internet ablaze for their lack of, well, cool factor. Mostly white with grey
Under Armour branding, the sneakers look great for a nurse that has a sense of style
or a grandfather who isn't consumed with death and still wants to dress 20
years younger.

The fact the sneakers
have become an Internet sensation will make either party -- grandfather or
nurse -- seem cool should they plunk down the $120 to buy the stephen curry australia at the
store. Think about the Instagram cred just waiting in the wings for a tech
savvy, 40-year-old father of two.Nevertheless, we got up and close and personal
with the Chef Curry sneaks to see if social media was right in their ridicule.
There were both positives and negatives after spending time proudly rocking the
sneakers throughout the office.On the positive side, they aren't as ugly as the
pictures floating around the internet imply. The shoes don perforated holes all
over, which serves up a bit of cool factor and certainly dresses up a jeans and
button down shirt look. In other words, they are OK to wear into the
increasingly business casual office setting -- one shouldn't fear being dissed
by co-workers.

Second, the shoes are
easy to slip on and off, which is great for people on the go that, say, travel
a lot and have to pass through security. And hey, they are actually pretty
comfortable (great for grandfathers) due to Under Armour's heavy use of
cushioning throughout.On the downside is the chunky aggressive sole and plastic
around the heel, which cheapens the appearance of a sneaker that costs basketball shoes $120.
There were mixed emotions on a quote reading "I can do all things"
emblazoned on the side of the sneaker. Some thought it was a nice touch of inspirational
wisdom to be photographed and shared on social media, others thought it was




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