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Published: Thursday 10 November, 2016

While putting in work at the gym and on the court is crucial to
any basketball player’s prep, having the proper footwear is also a must. There
are so many brands like Stephen Curry 2
Australia and styles of basketball shoes out there that it can be difficult
to determine the pair that’s right for you.

Here, we help you narrow your search and simplify the process of
finding a basketball sneaker that’ll truly elevate your game. The main question
we considered is one that has always been important when it comes to selecting
basketball sneakers: Should you go low-top or mid-top? “A guy that’s wearing a
low is wearing it for the fact that it’s lightweight,” Pasternak says. Because
they don’t pull your feet down as much as the mid-tops, low-tops maximize quickness,
mobility, and jumping ability.

those perimeter players and the speed guys that should consider wearing the
lows,” Pasternak says. Guards and smaller players are constantly sprinting up
and down the court, slashing to the basket, changing directions, and finishing
at the rim, which is why low-tops are a good option for them.But it’s not
necessarily just the smaller, faster players who can benefit from low-tops.
Jump shooters and three-point specialists rely on getting optimal lift on all
their shots. A heavy sneaker may disrupt shooting mechanics, which is a
shooter’s worst nightmare. The airiness of low-tops can actually aid shooters
in maintaining the surgeon-level of precision that goes into what they do best.

low-top sneakers can help satisfy that need for speed and lift, Pasternak
cautions that they offer less stability than mid-tops. Lows allow the foot to
move in ways that mids don’t, leaving the ankle vulnerable to rolling and
twisting. Not to mention basketball
shoes melbourne
, lows typically provide less cushioning than mids.If you’re
going to wear a mid, it’s truly driven on the fact that you do still want that
extra ankle support,” Pasternak says. “A lot of them have more cushioning and
stability. I think you take all that out when you go with the low.”

Mid-tops certainly don’t guarantee the prevention of ankle
sprains, but their additional support can make a difference. In fact, Pasternak
suggests that players who have a history of foot or ankle injuries should wear
mids since they offer more stability and support. Mids often also feature strap
or lock-down systems, which help prevent the foot from rolling.



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