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Published: Thursday 28 July, 2016

Everyone has a dream to come true. Here the author has to say, everyone has an idol to admire, no matter a football star, or a basketball super star, or the entertainment star. In one’s life, there would be a special star in their heart when they come to grow up with Curry MVP Shoes Australia. It is a quite common phenomenon. Just like that every little girl has a prince to marry her when they grow up.

Today the author wants to tell you another basketball player, a very excellent basketball super star, called Stephen curry. Stephen curry was born in America. His father was also a basketball player. When Stephen was in his young generation, his father brought him to see the various basketball games. This experience made little Stephen love basketball when he was in his childhood.

It is a pity that his father was not a very famous basketball player. He could not give little Stephen enough opportunity to get closer to basketball career. Therefore, little Stephen has to believe on himself. He had to try hard to get into a basketball school. However, the school which little Stephen enrolled into was always in the last rank. That did not make little Stephen fell sad anymore. He had realized that he had to work hard to make his school feel proud of him, and that was the only way for him to make other school NBA Shoes have a look at him. This was his difficult way to work on.

Maybe it is because that his father has experienced the difficult life. Little Stephen did not disappointed by the fact. He tried his best to perform better. And at last, his successes in getting what he want to achieve. After all he deserves that. And his fans would expect these results very much. Oh, sorry, at that time, he had not much fans, some of us maybe never heard of this name before.

After he joined the new team, Stephen helped his team to get more scores, from then on, what he wears and what brand of sport shoes he wears, are focused by the press and his fans, as well as the suppliers who would like to hire him to advertise their brands. That is called the star effect. It is very common. At that time, Stephen always wears Nike shoes, which helps to advertise Nike brand very much. Of course, the shoes get more fans, especially the basketball fans.

A period of time later, Stephen got a new brand; he loves the shoes very much. And the new brand was quite color, but it is quite suitable for his personality, for which he is quite young and he loves the colorful words. He believed that the bright color makes the world more beautiful. Of course, his father helped him to advertise his shoes. Although, his father is not famous as Stephen Curry Shoes, what his father does is a action to show he loves Stephen, and wants to help his little son.


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