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Published: Wednesday 27 July, 2016

You know every boy loves basketball, one the one hand, they wants to show them, on the other hand, basketball really gives them the unique happiness and excitement. However, you have to notice that every boy who starts playing basketball always keeps an idol. The most boys regard Kobe Shoes Australia as their idol. To be honest, Kobe really deserves that rewards.

On April twenty-fourth, Kobe retired, and he played the last basketball game, he wrote on the web that Last night was the final chapter to an incredible story. I walk away at peace knowing my love for the game & this city will never be broken. All the people, even never known about Kobe, were known by all his fans. The press reported this unforgettable basketball game. All the fans spread this game through Weixin, Weibo, and other methods to show their loves to Kobe.

Everybody said if a man has successes in the career, they will be a bad one. It is not right for all the man. Of course, to some extent, it is quite right to some others. But, it is not right for Kobe; you can easily find out that he is very fond of his wife. The author scans his weibo, and finds that he said in the weibo to celebrate with his wife for their 15 years anniversary. And here comes the original context, “just finished celebrating my 20 year career. It's a blessing to now celebrate 15 years of marriage! I love you mama per sempre #15yranniversary#”. What can we learn from here, that is a good and excellent man is not only good at his career, but also he must love his family more than this career. What is your goal for your life? You should ask yourselves, money or reputation or happiness? If you choose happiness, maybe you get can both money and reputation, even you cannot get both of this and you will get the company from your family members. They love you, and they won’t betray you. That is your source of energy.

Otherwise, if you choose money, you will be confused by what if you get enough money but you have no beloved one to share with. If you choose reputation, the same question will come to you as well. Therefore, why not just try your best to purse your career, and loyal to your wife, in the meanwhile, take good care of your other family members. That is a wonderful life.

As fans, I do love Kobe. As a girl, I do not know much knowledge about basketball sneakers AU games. What makes me scream is the moment that somebody get the score, however, I never care about who get into the ball. No matter who gets the ball into to basketry, I will applause for him, because every player trained hard, they really want to show themselves. That is what called the spirit of sports.

Kobe retired, you will fell heartbroken, it is not he retired makes you sad, it is because he company your whole puberty, it is because he is one part of your youth.


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