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Published: Monday 11 July, 2016

Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry 

Being famous as a high-end functional sportswear brand, Stephen Curry was founded by a former Maryland football star named Kevin Plank in 1996. In 2009, it signed the endorsement contract with Brandon Jennings who is the first celebrity who advertises for Stephen Curry Shoes.

Born in 1989, Brandon Jennings, one of the most professional players who is in the Orlando Magical now. At first, Jennings plays basketball at Dominguez high school, and later transferred to Oak Hill high school which is a well-known basketball school. In four seasons that Jennings played in Oak Hill high school, his total scores are 125 wins and 17 losses. Then Jennings was selected into Milwaukee Bucks at the first round of the 2009 NBA. On November 16, 2009, he got 55 points in a single game, becoming the youngest who got 50 points in NBA history. In 2013, he was exchanged into the Pistons and in 2016 is in the Orlando Magic.

Jennings is not only amazing at basketball but also has a big heart. In 2010, Jennings joined the Nash football game whose income will be used to charity such as the relief of children, etc.

Now let’s see how others judge Jennings! SINA sports reviews that Brandon Jennings is a quick pick of PGS who has a strong breaking ability and seldom breaks the rules. ESPN comments that Jennings is a left-handed Southpaw guard who can get scores quickly. But his right hand is very poor. With a quick speed, but he is not high and strong enough. Felton says Jennings was always full of confidence on the Court. Stan Van Gundy Jennings was such an aggressive, confident person that he nearly can play well every time.

Thus, if you support Brandon Jennings, then I suppose that you should buy Stephen Curry Foot Gear, Cold Gear and Heat Gear. Curry Stephen is another endorser. So you can buy Curry 2 Shoes Australia, Curry Shoes 1, Curry 2.5 too.


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